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Whether its the garnish or the main course MacLani has you covered—Harvest guaranteed. 


Gardens with Personalized Service

  • Design your garden with our expert team! We work one-on-one with customers to create custom gardens to fit any space.

  • Grow the nutritious herbs, fruits, and veggies of your choice all year long! Maclani gardens are always pesticide free.

  • Enjoy fresh produce all year long - no matter the season! Plants can be harvested in as little as 5 weeks.

What sets MacLani apart is service.

  • We pride ourselves on doing right by our customers. If you aren't completely satisfied with your garden, reach out to us! We respond quickly and promise to provide the support you need to continue growing!

  • ​Enhance your gardening experience by subscribing to MacLani's Monthly Service Plan!

    • Don't worry about water changes, plant pruning, pH adjustment, system cleaning, and more. You'll have organic produce without having to lift a finger! 

Benefits of Hydroponic Gardens Include:
Saving money! Growing your own produce can lower your grocery bill!
Saving water! Hydroponic gardens use 90% less water than a traditional soil garden!
No harsh chemicals that are traditionally used on produce such as pesticides and herbicides!
Saving time! Fresh produce takes a fraction of the time to grow because we deliver the perfect balance of nutrients, light, and environmental conditions.
High-quality meals! Delicious and more nutritious produce compared to the typical grocery store.
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